We have several new lines!

We have several kittens we will be matching soon.  We tend to place kittens with families we have screened who are ready to commit now. 


We typically have all of our litters between February - July with kittens leaving for homes between May - October (though there are always exceptions).  All of our babies go to new homes after all of their recommended vet vaccinations, health check-ups, spay / neuter and readiness assessment.

While everyone is anxious to meet their new fur-baby, we follow the TICA Ethical Breeder Guidelines and best practices research and typically deliver kittens at  16-20 weeks (they are still very small at that age).  This ensures that you have an adjusted, confident, social and exceptional baby.  Families are always surprised at how small their kitten is and how ready to bond they are.  Kittens form extremely strong bonds with humans after 12-14 weeks and placing a kitten in a home prior can cause anxiety, aggression, shyness and cats can exhibit other behavioral problems.

Sometimes things come up and life happens! We oftentimes have a kitten or two that was being matched with a family and they have to wait - when this happens, kittens become immediately available.

Non-Standards (regular legs) generally range from $950 - $1,900, depending on color and type.

Standards (short legs)  start at $4,000 depending on color, leg length and look.

Juvveniles & Adults - we often have kitties that are about a year old that were held back to evaluate for breeding or retired Queens/Kings.  If you are wanting a Minuet but have to be very budget concious, these sweeties could be a great option!

All kittens go neutered/spayed, registered, microchipped, vet vaccinated, and guaranteed.  Transportation costs are not included in the price of the kitten.  We offer a discount on  bonded pairs of kittens going to the same home.

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