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We operate differently than most...

We know we are unique and we realize if you have done your research that there are some vast differences between catteries.  We have nearly 30 years experience in breeding and raising cats and have had some exceptional mentors along the way.  There are some basic areas that are important when you select a kitten from a cattery (whether you choose Lavenders or not).  Please be aware that trying to save a bit of money with either a kitten, transport methods or other means, can easily result in high vet bills, early death, chronic illness and heartache.  There are some average catteries and many "back-yard breeders" so please use caution and don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions! Good breeders won't hesitate to take time with you and ensure you have all of your answers.  Great breeders are out there but it will take time, patience and likely a waiting period before you get a kitten.  Be patient and do some research, it is worth it!

At Lavenders we:

  • Only place Registered kittens with Pet Homes (we do not sell to breeders).   Our cats and kittens have Championship pedigrees.  We've had one cat show in TICA and received Grand Champion, Best MInuet LH in the NW Region,  Best in Color Division in the U.S.  and several other International awards!

  • Use premium foods, litters and supplies  We spend a great deal each month on food alone and it shows! Our cats and kittens have exceptional coats, eyes and no health issues.  

  • Use a vet for every vaccine, check-up and preventative care.  Just like we wouldn't vaccinate our own children or miss their well child check-up, we don't do our own kitty shots or preventative care.  Those are opportunities for our Vet to evaluate each kitten, multiple times.

  • Register all of our cats with TICA and some with CFA.  If you are purchasing any kitten, please take time to make sure it is registered! Any great breeder should always be part of the TICA or CFA registry. 

  • Do not cargo ship.  After investing the time, patience and money for a new addition to your home, we will never risk their health by cargo shipping.  We offer in-person transport (to major airports), pet courier referrals and many families fly in to Boise to get their new baby.  With costs very comparable to cargo shipping, it just makes more sense and is the only way to guarantee your baby's safe arrival.  In addition, if you are getting two kittens from us they fly for the cost of one!

  • Raise our kittens in our home with NO caging, NO separation and with constant interaction.  We also have a dog and a grandchild so you can be sure your kitten is very comfortable with children and other pets.

  • Follow a stringent cleaning, sanitizing and preventative protocol.  We have never had a flea, parasite or other contagion.  When you get a pet, it should be exceptionally healthy, disease and parasite free and not have any congenital issues.  Our foundation cats and any new kittens we obtain for breeding have been screened and tested for a myriad of issues.  

  • Stay connected and provide means for you to connect with other Lavenders families via Instagram!

  • Visit with you prior to matching and are available for the lifetime of your pet.  We don't simply say "yes, you get a kitten".  We want to make sure it is mutually beneficial for you and the kitten.  Many of our kitten owners are first-time pet owners and have lots of questions.  We are always here to answer questions, get updates and share new information we discover.

  • We breed for health, personality and looks.  We are selective about which Queens breed with which King so that only the desirable traits are produced. 

  • Breed as a hobby, because we love the breed and have the money and time to invest.  We are always re-investing back in to the cattery with new cats, supplies and equipment.  Our prices reflect a percentage of our operating costs (cats, food, supplies, vet expense, maintenance).  We also donate to TNR rescue so that less fortunate kitties have a better life.

  • We have kittens all over the United States and in several Countries.  Our overseas kittens go with a personal courier.

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