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Lavenders Cattery

Located in Ontario, Oregon near Boise, Idaho but our kittens live around the globe!

The Exquisitely Charming "Itty Bitty Kitty"

Minuets (also called Napoleons) are a TICA (The International Cat Association) recognized breed.  Their ancestry is derived from crossing a Munchkin and Persian.  This gives the comical, sweet and silly Munchkin personality combined with the grace, beauty and elegance of the Persian!  Standard kittens have short little legs and are quite small.  Non-standards have regular length legs but are typically smaller than the average house cat.  

Lavenders Cattery is different from most (see "About Us") and so are our kittens.  We offer several lines from a traditional "Minuet" or "Dollfaced" look to a unique "Persian" face that you won't find anywhere else. 

We only adopt kittens to exclusive pet homes, we do not sell to breeders.  Inquire about your new fur-baby today.

Lavenders Cattery

Lavenders is a small, in-home cattery that specializes in beautiful, healthy & socialized Minuet kittens that are available to select pet-homes. Contact us to inquire about a Lavenders Kitten! 

Ontario OR United States 97914

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